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What is the structure of the Deer Park Girls Softball (DPGS)?

DPGS is comprised of five divisions: 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U and 14U. The 6U Division is designed to introduce 6 year old and under to the sport of softball as well as provide an opportunity for them to play and interact in a safe, stimulating, and nurturing environment. The 8U Division consists of girls ages 7 and 8 years old. The 10U Division are 9 and 10 year old's.  The 12U Division consists of 11 and 12 Year old's, and the 14U Division consist of girls 13 and 14 years of age. Depending upon the division, the playing rules are slightly different in terms of length of base paths, distance from pitching mound, and format of the game.

What's the difference between Deer Park Girls Softball Spring Season and the Fall Softball Season?
DPGS provides softball opportunities for the girls in the Deer Park community by establishing 1) competitive girls fast-pitch softball teams to compete locally with other Co-Ops in the area, and 2) a recreational girls softball league and game schedule in the fall for girls looking to see if softball is what they want to play. The Spring Season is defined as a competitive season and focuses on competing against other towns at a high level. The Fall Season is instructional and team ranking/scores are not kept.  You have to try out for spring season. Fall season players are blind drafted onto teams.

When is player registration?
Spring Registration opens in December for all divisions. The registration deadline is early mid February. The deadline is important because it allows the league to plan for the number of teams as well as order equipment and uniforms in time for the start of the season. Refer to the DPGS Calendar tab on the home page for the exact deadline date.

Why do we have to register so far before the season starts?

The number of players that register determine the number of coaches we must recruit, evaluate and train before teams can be assembled. Uniforms must then be ordered and practices are needed before the teams take the field in mid-Feb for games. This all takes time and is done strictly by volunteers.

How do I find out about player registration?

Deer Park Girls Softball utilizes several methods of getting the word out to parents about registration. The main source of information will be by our newly built website Another form of communication we will use is our Facebook account. Please make sure we have your current e-mail address in our database so you get the information in a timely manner. Our website will also have the announcement with a link to the on-line registration.
We supply printed notices for DPISD schools who send home notices. In addition, we place advertisements on our Facebook account during the registration period. We also appreciate the word of mouth advertisement from parent to parent and player to player. Please let your friends know that registration is coming up in case they didn't see it.

How do I register my child?
Go to and click on the DPGS Registration Info tab at the top of the page.

I missed registration. Can I sign up late?
Late registrations will be accepted up until a certain date and on a case by case basis, based on the number of players per team in that division at the end of registration. All late registrations will be accepted online only and these players will be placed on a wait-list until the maximum number of players is determined. Please note that if your late registration is accepted, there is a late registration fee.

How do I know you received my registration online?
With online registration, you will receive an email from our website with a receipt and confirmation of your registration. If you do not get an email, something went wrong with the registration and you are not registered. You are able to log back into your personal account from the website homepage and this will tell you what division your child is registered for. Please contact DPGS if you feel there was an error.

Why do you need my email address?
Deer Park Girls Softball is a non-profit organization. In order to save money, much of our communication is electronic through either our website or emails. We will post on Facebook and on this website with numerous updates about the league throughout the year. Probably the most important of these posts is in regards to registration dates and locations. At registration time, please verify that we have your correct email listed so we can update it in our database. Please know that Deer Park Girls Softball values your privacy and will never sell your address to anyone.

When does the season begin?
Please check the Deer Park Girls Softball calendar on the homepage for exact league dates and events. Typically, practices start in early February with the Opening Day festivities and games beginning on the in late February, early March.

My daughter has never picked up a bat. Should I be worried? Will she get hurt? Will she have fun?Softball is fun. Softball is fun! F-U-N. Girls may begin at the 6U Division, where they'll learn the most basic stuff in the game, from how to hold a bat to which direction to run (to the right). They may dive right into the sport at the 9 and 10 year old level having never before swung at a ball in a competitive game. No problem. She'll play, she'll learn the game, and everyone will have fun, get some fresh air and make new friends.

When will I find out what team my daughter will play on?
All girls should be informed by their coaches by the end of January. If you don't hear from a coach by the first week of February, please contact a board member here

Can my daughter be placed on a team with one of her friends?
Deer Park Girls Softball does not allow players to request to be on the same team as one friend in the any of DPGS Divisions. Request can be made for fall, but in order for DPGS to ensure balanced teams we use a balanced draft process that helps to promote even and competitive teams during the Spring season. All request will have to be approved by DGPS E-Board. Request are not guaranteed to be granted.
In the Spring Season, girls who return to the same division from the previous year, have the option to return to the same team. For example, if Amy plays on Team B as a 7 year old, she would remain on Team B as a 8 year old, if she chooses. If the player chooses not to return, she must go through tryouts in the spring season. If she misses the tryout sessions, she will be put in the blind draft for the Spring season. This is true for all divisions.

How are siblings in the same division handled?
Siblings are placed on the same team unless DPGS is informed to do otherwise by the parents/guardians. If your siblings are not on the same team and should, please contact a board member here

If my child is unhappy with the team they are placed on, can they switch teams?
Only in extreme cases does the league allow children to switch teams after the teams have been formed. Such requests must be made in writing to DPGS for consideration by the Executive Board. Approval requires extenuating circumstances, so any request is highly unlikely to be approved, and in most cases we will ask the player remain with their team. Team balance is established early on, and changes of this type are difficult if not impossible to implement without upsetting the balance that has been established.

If my child decides to quit, is it possible to get a refund?
A refund is available upon request prior to the beginning of DRAFT the player’s division. A refund due to medical reasons is available upon request prior to the start of the season.

Can my child play up a division a year early?
DPGS strongly supports age appropriate competition and development. Only in extenuating circumstances does the league allow a player to move up to a division early and it will only be considered with a written request submitted to the league approval. The only other time an adjustment may be made is when there is a safety risk to a player playing in their grade appropriate division. At that time, a parent request needs to be made to the Board of Directors. A decision will be made to allow the player to play up.

Where are Deer Park Girls Softball games played?
DPGS has several fields where practices and games are held. In some age groups, we do not have enough girls to field enough teams to play "in house". These age divisions will be able to play in Co-Op league that DPGS is apart of. Here games will be scheduled with others leagues within the Co-Op. These field locations can be found on the Co-Op tab on the home page.

What days and times are the games played?
All teams in DPGS are scheduled for games on Monday Tuesday, and Thursday of a week. Teams will only play 1 game a night when scheduled. Games during the week start at 6pm. We do our best to schedule games on these 3 days. This is a guideline as field availability, rain outs and other factors may result in a game being scheduled on a non-typical day.
It is recommended that players arrive at the field at least 15-30 minutes prior to game time so they can properly warm up, and coaches can get the lineups ready prior to the start of the game, but please verify the exact time your manager wants the players at the field.

Who umpires DPGS games?
DPGS use USA Umpires. USA Umpires are experienced, professional and have a close working relationship with the Deer Park Girls Softball. For USA softball rules and regulations. Please look at our DPGS Handouts tab

When will the practices begin?
Practices typically begin in Late January/early February but depend upon weather and formation of teams.

How often and long will my child practice?
Practice frequency and duration are up to the team coach. Generally, teams practice 2-3 times a week prior to Opening Day. Once the season starts, practices are typically no more than once or twice a week. Due to game schedules

What equipment will my child need before the first practice or game?
Players should arrive at their first practice with a glove, fielders mask, a batters helmet, and rubber molded cleats. For the 14U Division metal cleats are allowed. DPGS REQUIRES ALL INFIELD PLAYERS TO WEAR A FIELDING MASK. THERE IS NO EXCEPTIONS DURING LEAGUE PLAY. IF A GIRL DOES NOT WANT TO WEAR ONE, THEN SHE SIMPLY DOES NOT GET TO PLAY THE INFIELD.
A quality leather glove is a must! It is recommended to stay away from vinyl and simulated leather gloves that may be cheaper, but tend to cause the player a great deal of frustration. It is impossible to form a pocket in gloves made of vinyl or simulated leather. Therefore, the ball tends to pop out when the player attempts to catch it. Buying gloves and bats can be confusing, so here are a couple of links with tips on how to choose the right one for your daughter.
Softball Bats: Softball Bat Selection
Softball gloves: Softball Glove Selection
A softball bag is not required but it is helpful for transporting you daughters bats, batting gloves, water bottles, hats, and other items. 

Are there any rules around minimum playing time?
Every player must be played at least 1 inning in the field. At bats cannot be guaranteed. DPGS teams bat the whole line-up in league play.

Are there time limits on games?
Game times very depending on age division.

What are DPGS's guidelines regarding weather cancellations?
DPGS has some strong guidelines with regards to weather conditions. DPGS will do everything they can to get fields ready to play on in the event weather has gone south. Remember board members are volunteers and work full time jobs as well, and may not be able to put in enough time to get the fields ready. DPGS also works closely with the City of Deer Park, when deciding to cancel games or play games after in-climate weather. The safety of the girls is of the upmost importance to us.

How many coaches and assistant coaches can be on a team?
Every team has a manager approved by the Executive Board of Directors. Each team's manager can have as many team parents as they can find for practices, but it is recommended that only two assistant coaches along with the team manager are allowed on the field during games. Any Manager, Head Coach, Assistant Coach or helper that comes into contact with players MUST have an ACE certification card and a background check performed and kept on file with DPGS 

What are the responsibilities of a coach?
Team Managers oversee the management of his/her respective team throughout the season. They are responsible for setting a practice schedule, developing a practice format, creating a lineup for every game, and ensuring girls get their minimum playing time in each game. Coaches are the focal point of the team and must be committed to following through with managing the team from early February through the regular season. Time commitment is usually around 6-8 hours a week depending upon division. Coaches need to be able to commit to be at all practices and games. Managers also must attend a pre-season coaching meeting before the league starts with DPGS Executive board members. As well, Managers must schedule and conduct a parent meeting at the beginning of the season.Two assistant coaches are allowed on the field during games. However, a manager may elect to use more than two coaches during practice. Coaches provide support during practice to ensure kids get enough attention while developing their skills. Coaches are under the guidance and direction of the manager. Typically, a manager will design a practice format and have assistants take care of coaching small groups of players, assisting with batting practice, hitting, or other assistant duties. Assistant coaches should commit to be at all practices and games, generally about 6-8 hours a week depending upon division.  All actions of an assistant coach during games are the ultimate responsibility of the manager.

The coach yells at my kid. What can I do about it?
Coaches are parents. Coaches are people, too. Sometimes they do yell, but that's not always a bad thing. But, if the coach goes too far, talk to him or her. Explain your concerns and tell him how your kid feels. Treat the coach like a teacher. Approach the coach after a game or practice, and talk. Don't be afraid to stand up for your kid. That's your job. But respect the coach and the difficult job he/she's got caring for and teaching your kid. That's his/her job. If you're not satisfied with the conversation, talk with the division Coordinator. 

Do I need to stick around for practice or games?
Well, first of all, why wouldn't you? Your kids are running around, trying hard, having fun. It's great to watch and they love your support. But, we're all busy, so here's the rule. If your child is 4, 5, or 6 years old, a parent must be at every practice and game. For all other grades, a parent should be at every practice and game. If it rains, or your child gets hurt, a parent should be present to care for him.

Are there conduct rules that apply during games?
Absolutely. We are focused on educating the girls of the Deer Park community the ideals of good sportsmanship, team play, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect for others. We thrive to provide an environment that will also remain sensitive to the physical and emotional well being of the girls. 

Where's a good place to go for extra batting practice or personal lessons?
There are some excellent facilities near Deer Park to take your swings for a price. Several offer lessons or sponsor camps.

Can my daughter play up on a Select Team during league play?
DPGS Guidelines do not allows girls to play on the same age level as their select team during league play. If your daughter is on a select team roster at anytime during a calendar year. She will be required to play up an age division. I.E. if Suzy signed up to play 10U league ball, and is also playing 10U select ball. She will not be able to play 10U league ball. She will have to sign up for 12U league play. If a player is to have been found out playing select ball for the same age division as she is playing in league. She will be removed from that team and no longer able to play for that season. All Registration fees will be forfeited by that player during that season.

Who do I contact if I have a problem that needs to be resolved by the league?
If at any time you have a problem or just want information, you can email your divisional coordinator here at any time. However, please first discuss any concerns with your daughter's coach, then with your divisional coordinator. Contact information is on the website. You are also welcome to attend a Board meeting and express your concerns directly to the Board. Meeting dates and times will be posted on the website calendar

Finances are tight.  Do you offer any financial assistance?
Deer Park Girls Softball believes that every girl who is interested in playing should be able to play.  If you have financial circumstances that make the registration fees a challenge, please reach out to us and let us know. We will do everything we can to help on a case by case bases, while keeping your circumstances private. 

Do I have to participate in any fundraising?
DPGS believes that your families are already barraged with too many requests for your children to sell items. Therefore, we try to rely on league sponsors and personal donations to supplement our registration fees to cover the operating capital required for equipment, facilities maintenance and repairs, uniforms, etc. Please consider asking your employer about sponsoring a team. For more information, visit our DPGS Handouts tab for sponsorship forms.

I am interested in volunteering. How do I get involved?
DPGS is made up of people like you who want the best for our kids. We are always looking for volunteers for coaches, board members, team parents, event helpers, etc. The first step is to let someone know you are interested. This can be done by letting a board member know, or emailing one of the Executive Board members.

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